How EnerBurn® Works

EnerBurn® works by conditioning the combustion chamber surfaces with a nano scale catalytic coating that doubles the rate of combustion. This causes higher pressure earlier on crank angle which allows the engine to produce more work (HP) with the same amount of fuel. With the work load being the same, this translates into greater fuel efficiency (gph). Because of increased work conversion caused by earlier pressure on crank angle, the exhaust temperature of the engine is reduced by approximately 40-44 degrees F. The emission benefits are achieved due to a More Complete Combustion, Lower Operating Temperature, and Lower Overall Pressure. This accounts for the Reduction of Unburned carbon being released via the exhaust and back into the oil as soot.

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Benefits & Features
  • Originally developed by Exxon/Nalco Chemical
  • Proven Fuel Efficiency improvement of 8-12% in various diesel engine applications
  • Proven NOx reductions averaging 10-11% and 50-70% reduction in Particulates
  • EnerBurn┬« is an easy technology to both implement and monitor. Clickhere to read how we implement an EnerBurn® evaluation
  • When combined with our new PEx technology, will lead to further reductions in NOx and near total elimination of particulates.
  • Reduction in engine wear, which will prolong engine life, will increase the time between scheduled maintenance keeping your equipment in service and earning money more days per year.
  • Has been used in dozens of diesel engine applications without any reported engine problems due to its use, in fact EnerBurn┬« use has helped identify potential engine problems. Click here to read theFit for Use Report (Use your browser's back button to return here.)
  • Proven effective in reducing fuel consumption and emissions in all types of marine applications including Inland vessels (Ingram), Ocean going vessels (Moran) and Port operations (Svitzer).
  • Its use is recommended by Mann+Hummel in conjunction with their DPF's (Diesel Particulate Filters).Clickhere to see an article on Enerburn use with Mann+Hummel DPF's (Diesel Particulate Filters) (Use your browser's back button to return here.)
  • Is a registered catalyst with the EPA. Clickhere to confirm the registration (Use your browser's back button to return here.)
EnerBurn® Reduces Engine Operating Temperatures
EnerBurn® Promotes More Efficient Fuel Burn
EnerBurn® Emission Performance
EnerBurn® Engine Evaluation Results
Evaluation results on a Caterpillar SR-4 Genset

Evaluation results on a dual engined towboat (EMD-645 2300hp)

Evaluation results on a triple engined towboat (EMD-645 2150hp)
EnerBurn® Lube Oil Consumption Improvement
Lube Oil consumption improved by over 32% in the up river testing and by over 50% in the down river testing

Daily Lube Oil Consumption Improved by Over 36%