What is EnerCrust?

One of the primary problems facing the mining and oil exploration communities are fugitive dust and airborne dirt from the operation of the mine/drilling sites. These conditions present a number of hazards, not the least of which are poor respiratory environments for those workers subjected to these conditions.

Off site migration of contaminated soil has become a problem which is now being monitored in many locations. Company-wide programs should be developed to combat this problem. The immediate benefits of dust suppression are a healthier work environment, cleaner facilities enhance productivity and make equipment function more in line with normal performance metrics and can keep worksites within new regulations for dust and airborne particulate matter levels.

EnerCrust was developed to combat this problem. EnerCrust is a 100% biodegradable liquid. EnerCrust is a concentrate to be mixed with water and applied with a mobile spray system of some type. Once applied it forms a very thin clear crust which will suppress all dust and dirt from becoming airborne. This crust will dissipate and seep into the ground after strong rainfalls at which point a new application will need to be applied. The nutrients in the liquid are beneficial to the soil.

EnerCrust can be used to control dust and airborne matter in most situations including but not limited to those listed below;

  • Coal storage facilities
  • Aggregate storage facilities
  • Cement factories
  • Oil and gas drill sites
  • Mines and above ground mining facilities
  • Construction sites

EnerCrust is available in 275 gallon totes or in 55 gallon drums. Pricing can be obtained by contacting us or by visiting our product pricing pagehere