What is EnerKool?

EnerTeck Chemical Corp.’s EnerKool product is formulated to address the serious problem of overheating in closed recirculating marine diesel cooling systems.

EnerKool modifies the coolant’s heat removal capacity by reducing the surface tension of the water-glycol cooling medium. The result is improved heat transfer through the walls of the engine into the coolant and out to the ambient water.

Due to the substantial reduction of coolant surface tension, bubbles and foaming imparted by the water pump, isolated hot spot boiling, and cylinder liner harmonics, are reduced to a minimum; thus affording a higher degree of “wetting” or contact between the metal transfer surfaces and the coolant. The result is more heat removal by the cooling system.

The primary benefits associated with using EnerKool include;

  • Reduction of cylinder head temperatures 5-18°F
  • Prevention of foaming
  • Reduction of hard-water sbale
  • Reduction of cavitation damage

EnerKool products may be used in all water or water-glycol systems, in both pressurized or non-pressurized applications. EnerKool is effective in all metallurgy including aluminum, steel, brass, cast iron, copper, etc.

EnerKool should be added to the coolant in the ratio of 1.5-2.0 ounces of EnerKool per U.S. gallon of coolant.