Calculator Instructions

Please use the Value Calculator below to input your company's actual numbers.
The greater the accuracy of your inputs increases the accuracy of the output.
This will present an ROI calculation for your company's actual inputs.
EnerBurn® use provides a very quick payback period and has a very high ROI.

ROI Calculator Inputs (Marine)
Inputs Input Value
EnerBurn® Cost: 
Monthly Fuel Consumption: 
Diesel Fuel Cost: 
Fuel Efficiency Improvement: 
Monthly Lube Oil Consumption: 
Lube Oil Cost: 
Lube Oil Usage Improvement: 
Individual Injector Cost:  $29,000
Monthly Data Retrieval:  $180
Number of Vessels in Fleet: 

Calculated Cost and Savings
Costs Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
EnerBurn® Cost:              
Data Retrieval Cost:              
Injection Equipment Cost:              
Total Quarterly Cost:              
Benefits Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
EnerBurn® Savings:              
Lube Oil Savings:              
Total Quarterly Benefits:              
Period Return on Investment
One Year   
Second Year   
Third Year